Relax Lyrics Meaning

Relax Lyrics Meaning

Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Songfacts

The song is essentially a guide to delaying ejaculation. To throw censors off the scent, when Relax first came out, the band claimed publicly that it was … >>>


“Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Song Meanings and Facts

Jan 12, 2020 … But he also makes references to ‘sucking it’, ‘chewing it’ and ‘wanting to come’. Also perhaps the most blatant indication that “Relax” is … >>>


Relax (song) – Wikipedia

It remained in the UK Top 40 for 37 consecutive weeks, 35 of which overlapped with a radio airplay ban by the BBC (owing to lyrics perceived as overtly … >>>


Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Relax Lyrics | SongMeanings

It’s a song about semen. About the importance of holding it in, and of shooting it in the right direction when you, er, come. Also, it reminds us that, in … >>>

Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Relax Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Relax Lyrics: Mi-i-ine / Give it to you one time, now / We-ell / Whoa / We-ell, … it’s a motto that I refer to when asked to explain the meaning of songs. >>>


What was ‘Relax’ by Frankie Goes To Hollywood about? – Quora

It is about what they now call edging. It isn’t specific to gay men. It means keeping yourself from climaxing for as long as possible to prolong the … >>>

Superorganism – Relax Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Relax Lyrics · dilettante · Turn on, tune in, drop out if you can · We’re breathing in, breathing out, oh, oh · So just relax. Oh just relax. Yeah just relax. Oh … >>>


What does ‘Frankie Says Relax’ mean? – Quora

Johnson and Paul Rutherford, Frankie’s backup singer, are both gay, and while “Relax” may be interpreted as an upbeat paean to sex in general, the song is … >>>

Vacations – Relax Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Relax Lyrics: We’re stressing out, over nothing real / So tell me what it’s about, tell me what you feel / Relax / Take it easy, lie down next to me … >>>

Why did the BBC ban Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s ‘Relax’?

Jun 16, 2021 … Looking at Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s track ‘Relax’ which … executive from Radio 1 who explained to the singer he thought the lyrics were … >>>


Relax Don’T Do It Lyrics Meaning

Frankie says: Relax, don’t do WHAT when you wanna come …

Jun 26, 2001 … Lyrics went something like this:** Relax don’t do it When you want to go to … I don’t think I want to know any more “real” song meanings! >>>


When you wanna come.. A love letter to the lyrics of Relax by… | by …

Aug 2, 2019 … Frankie wring (not wrings) a lot of meaning from a single word. … Relax Don’t do it. When you wanna come. Relax has aged well, … >>>


Relax lyrics by Frankie Goes To Hollywood – original song full text …

Original lyrics of Relax song by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Explain your version of song … Don’t understand the meaning of the song? … Relax don’t do it >>>

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